Cork Airport Guide

Cork Airport

To pick up your car rental at Cork airport, it is important that you have all your necessary documents available with your documents like your driver’s license, credit card, booking ID and passport. Once you provide our customer service team with these documents, you would be attended to as soon as possible.

Before you drive the car away

It is advisable that you take pictures (or video recording) of the vehicle when you are picking up your car rental car. This is to help avoid issues in case you notice any wear and tear with the vehicle that you are picking up.

It is also recommended that you call the attention of a staff if you are uncomfortable with the car condition you are been given. You can ask for the car to be changed or the record to be updated noting your concerns. When inspecting the car hire, ensure you check the entire body as provided in the image below:

Car Inspection

Cork Airport Car Rental returns

Returning your car rental could not be easier, all you have to do is get to the drop off zone on time.

While on your way to the airport, follow the road signs pointing to car returns, you will get to the drop off zone where you can park the car and drop off the keys. The designated returns area is about 4 minutes’ walk from the main building terminal.

If you picked up the car from another location and you are dropping off the car hire in Cork airport, the same procedure applies, as long as you have informed our customer service team of your intentions beforehand.

It is important that you give yourself enough time to inspect your car one last time to ensure you do not get any surprises after you have dropped off the vehicle.

Nearest Gas station to Cork Airport

You might have chosen the to fill up the car tank before returning it and in case you forget, you still have time to fill up the tank, there is a Topaz station very close to the airport where you can quickly fill up the tank before drop off.

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