10 Top Tourist Attractions in Dublin City (6-10)

If you are planning to visit Dublin and you don’t know where to start, this article will give you information on the top 10 tourist attractions in Dublin City. Dublin is a vibrant and as welcoming city that welcomes everyone all visitors. Dublin brings with it an abundant opportunity to discover the hidden gems that is spread all across the city. From the beautiful sea view in Howth and Portmarnock all the way to the fun activities in Dublin Zoo, there is always something to do for everyone.

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6. National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology

Established in 1877 by the Science and Art Museums Act, the National Museum is one of Dublin’s most popular attractions which is a must see if you love to know more about the history of the Irish people. This museum is famous for its Victorian style, which houses one of the world’s finest and fullest collections still to be seen today. There are over Two million species, of which half are insects, live side by side, appropriately for a natural history museum.

The exhibition also shows unique treasures of early medieval Ireland, exploring their connections with both the pagan past and the wider Christian culture of the time. The objects on display there are of international significance they represent major landmarks in early European culture.

Among the most important objects exhibited are the gilt and painted cartonnage case of the mummy Tentdinebu dated back to the 22nd Dynasty c. 945 - 716 BC, the mummy portraits of a woman and a young boy dated to the first and second Century AD, and a model of a wooden boat dated to the early 12th Dynasty c. 1900 BC. There are also a number of important stelae, tomb furniture, offering tables, jewelry, and household equipment.

The National Museum’s Egyptian collection comprises about three thousand objects, the majority acquired from excavations carried out in Egypt between the 1890s and the 1920s and ranging in date from the Stone Age to the middle ages.

Now the museum is used to educate and inspires and will leave you feeling humbled amidst the vast and wondrous diversity of life on display as it is a great place to bring your kids.

It is also important to know that entry into the the museum is free so you can bring all members of your family along.

National Museum of Ireland

7. Leprechaun Museum

As a visitor, you would have heard stories about the Leprechaun and if you have not heard about him before this is an opportunity to get to know there are many tales about him and the people he meets. The National Leprechaun Museum is the first ever attraction dedicated to Irish mythology; it opens up a fun and magical world full of fascinating folklore, mythology and enchanting stories.

Based in the heart of Dublin, you will explore the museum on a guided tour with a storyteller. They will bring you through the spaces and tell you about Irish folklore and mythology. You will explore spaces that reflect these stories, recreates experiences typically associated with leprechauns. The result is a series of captivating, interactive experiences - from the first ever sighting back in the eighth century, through to modern day representations of the leprechaun in film and popular culture - and plenty of adventures in between. There are many car parking lots to park your car rental Ireland car close to the museum Jervis Street car park and the Jervis Shopping Centre car park are both ideal, while Arnotts Park Rite car park and the Ilac Shopping Centre car park are both nearby.

Leprechaun Museum

8. Trinity College

This is best known for the Book of Kells, but it is worth a visit just to see the "Long Room," where the book is held. This room was actually the inspiration for a room called the Jedi Archives in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.” The college, which was founded by England’s Queen Elizabeth in 1592, is literally filled with history and a tour is a great way to spend an afternoon. The campus makes for great people-watching in the summer when students gather outside the Pavilion Bar (known as "The Pav") to take in a game of cricket.

Book of Kells

9. Croke Park

This is the headquarters of the main sporting body in Ireland, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), who are in charge of hurling and Gaelic football. As well as being the spiritual home of Irish cultural nationalism, it is also the fourth-largest sports stadium in Europe. Tickets for games toward the end of season (around August) can be hard to come by, but there are usually plenty of tickets for the games at the start of the season, around May. It is also well worth coming here to visit the GAA museum and for a tour of the stadium.

Croke Park

10. Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle was formerly the centre of British rule in Ireland. The best thing to visit here today is undoubtedly the Chester Beatty Library, which has some of the finest collections of Eastern art in the world. Alfred Chester Beatty, an American mining magnate, was a major collector of Eastern art. He moved his collection to Ireland in 1950. Admission is free – so a visit here is an absolute must. Dublin Castle also contains a police museum.

Dublin Castle

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