The Top 5 Scuba Diving Spots in Ireland

The Top Five Scuba Diving Spots in Ireland

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Narrowing down all the stunning and historical scuba spots on offer in Ireland to one short list was an very hard task, but we did it, Car Rental Ireland has created a list of what we think is the top 5 Scuba Dving Spots in Ireland.

Killary Harbor

In a stunning location between the mountains of Connemara, dense kelp forests and abundant marine life occupy the harbor’s clear waters. Dense aggregations of conger eels, wrasse, lobsters and pollock frequently visit the sheltered bay as well.


Dalkey Island

This breathtaking spot in Dublin is only accessible by boat, this granite, seabird-infested rock represents perhaps the very best scuba diving in Ireland. There are strong rip tides here, so beware and mind the tide tables before entering the water.
this perfect scuba spot is ideally located just a short drive from Dublin in your Car Rental Ireland Car.


MV Kowloon Bridge

This perfectly preserved piece of history can be seen on West County Cork. A vast wreck near Bantry Bay, the MV Kowloon Bridge sank with a full cargo of iron ore in 1986. Years later, the wreck is one of the most impressive dives in all of Europe.

ship wreck

The U-260 wreck

In county Cork another spectacular piece of history can be witnessed. It's said the captain of this wreck reportedly scuttled this World War II German submarine because it was damaged and he didn’t want to leak covert information to the enemy. On a day with good visibility divers can take in the submarine’s impressive shape, with its intact twin propellers, aft guns and torpedoes that are still in the tubes. Lucky divers might also see free-swimming dogfish and conger eels that have made homes in holes and cracks, such as the periscope.

dive boat

The waters off West Cork, West Kerry, Mayo, Silgo and Donegal

The beautiful traquil water in all 5 of these areas are uideal for some scuba diving. Durning the late spring and early summer in Ireland, the plankton bloom begins off the shores all around Ireland. To pin point exactly where is very difficult to predict, but search the emerald waters for the tell-tale dorsal fin of a basking shark as it breaks the surface for a moment. The second largest fish in the world is a filter feeder, just as its slightly larger cousin, the whale shark. Basking sharks congregate especially in the south of the country, where large plankton blooms occur. If you're lcky you might see one of these spectacular creatures!'


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