10 unique things to do when visiting Ireland.

10 unique things to do when visiting Ireland.

Castle by the Sea

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Whether you are traveling from Dublin Airport, Kerry Airport, Shannon Airport, Dublin City or any Irish destination taking the time out to relaxed and revive yourself while on vaction is a must do! And luckily Ireland is home to some of the best Spa and Wellness centers around - And don't worry all our recommend spa breaks come with a view.

When the weather is bad we would suggest taking a look at our indoor actitives list, Spa Getaways , Museums and Galleries or any of our Driving Routes to keep dry and warm away from the widy Irish weather.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous on your visit to the Green Isle, or maybe it’s your second time in this wonderful country and you’ve done the site seeing and now you want to do something a little different. Well, don’t worry Car Rental Ireland's got you covered, with our top 10 UNIQUE things to do in Ireland. Some of these little gems are so unique I bet most Irish people haven’t even done them, these are some of the best-kept secret spots in Ireland.

1. Night Kayaking in Lough Hyne

Why not paddle through the stars, with a late night paddle boat ride in Lough Hyne, in west Cork. Let the moonlight guide you as it glistens off the water. Get lost in last rays of the copper sunlight touching the top of the mountains around you. If you’re lucky you will see the bioluminescence, a chemical reaction produced by some sea species to attract a mate, this luminous glow will light up the dark sea. This chemical reaction will have you wondering if the stars have dropped from the sky into the sea below, there isn’t anything quite like this, it’s hard to describe its beauty in words. Before your journey, your guide will walk you through the woods and will teach you about the history of the beautiful protected forest and waters. This is certainly a once and life time experience and a must do for those seeking a new a different adventure here in Ireland.

2. Roll up hill on the magic hill

“Magic Hill” can be found in the Comeragh Mountains of Co. Waterford, about ten miles north from the coastal town of Dungarvan. Along the road to Mahon Falls, you appear to crest a hill and travel down into a valley. Near the foot, there’s a Wishing Tree/May Bush on the left. Stop next to this tree, Recently someone has helpfully carved “Magic Road” into a rock by the tree, to ensure the tourist don’t get lost (hopefully the kids haven’t moved it in an attempt to trick passer-by’s) When you arrive at the magic hill, put the Car Rental Ireland car in neutral, take your foot off the brake, and it appears your Irish rental car rolling uphill all the way back to the corner. Don’t forget to put your blinkers on to warn other motorists you’re testing out the magic hill, we don’t want any accidents.

3. Spend a night in a Castle

With so many unique castles all around Irelands beautiful country side, why not take your Car Rental Ireland car for a spin out to the castle voted ‘the best hotel in the world’, Ashford Castle in Mayo. Ashford Castle is a real treat, in the middle of wilderness, trapped in with views of the lake and mountains you are spoilt for views. This experience is one of a kind, a trip you would never forget, but it is priced accordingly. For more budget friendly Castle Accommodation try Castle Leslie or Waterford Castle Hotel.

4. Visit Father Teds house in Clare

Glanquin House, home to the Mc Cormack family, also known as the Father Teds house. It home became the location for the very popular ‘Fr. Ted’ television series through a chance conversation in a pub in Kilfenora in 1993. Joe Mardis, the location manager for the series, has family connections in the area. While out having a drink with friends from the locality they came up with the idea of setting the series in North Clare. He looked at a number of older houses, took photos and brought them back to the writers. They chose Glanquin House, and the rest is history! ‘Go on, go on, go on’ visit Fr Teds home for a ‘cuppa tae’ and if nothing else a funnier picture!

5. Take ride in Irelands only cable car:

Situated on western tip of the Beara Peninsula, in the west of County Cork, resides the only cable car in Ireland and the only cable car in Europe to travel over the open sea. This area is a short drive in your Car rental Ireland vehicle from Cork Airport. The Island is peaceful, with very few semi-permanent residents. It is cut off by a thin stretch of water, and can only be reach by cable car. This quaint little town is beautiful, and from the cable car, you get picturesque views of the mountain all around you. Well worth the visit even if it’s just to tease your friends about the fact you went on the only cable car that travels over open water in all of Europe. Well worth a trip out in the rental car.

6. Dress up for the Galway Races

6. Dress up for the Galway Races The Galway races take place the first week of August, it’s a five-day racing festival. People travel from all walks of Ireland to attend in their finest gear and a bit of cash ready to get a flutter from placing that all important bet. The best day to attend is the 2nd day out of the 5, widely renowned as ‘Ladies Day’ at the Galway Festival, it combines the very best in racing and fashion for the pinnacle of the summer racing calendar. This is where you want to be to see all the fashion and Irish celebs. So get your guna (Dress in Gaelic) ready and why not try to steal the crown for best dressed and the €10,000 prize?

7. Swim with Fungie in Dingle

Fungie is a wild Bottlenose Dolphin and is a mascot for Ireland, he is friendly and laps up a bit of attention doing tricks for a little rub from passers-by. No one is quite sure of his age but he has been in Dingle for nearly 32 years and the experts tell us he has a lifespan of between 40 and 50 years, so we’ve a few more years with the resident Dolphin. Dingle is located in Donegal. Donegal boasts some beautiful countryside, it’s certainly worth traveling to as part of your Car Rental Ireland car journey.

He got his unusual name from the media in the early years, they say they call him Fungie because he is a Fun-Guy! Go out on one of the daily boats and met our little Fungie. He is gentle and loves to meet new faces.

8. Tayto Park

For all those thrill seekers out there, Tayto Park is place for you, as it is home to the largest wooden roller coaster in the world. Based in Ashbourne in Meath, a short drive in a rental car outside of Dublin, created by the Irish crisp company ‘Tayto’ so expect so seriously tasty crisps while you’re there – but wait until after the rides you don’t want to sick!

9. Pet the wild deer in the Phoenix Park

These beautiful Bambi like creatures are the wild animals of Phoenix Park, they were introduced to the park over 400 years ago. Each year 200 fawn are born, with each new batch of fawn born they become more normalised to humans and have become increasing friendly. This is wonder for photos, but not always wonderful for the deer as pedestrians have started feeding the deer in an attempt to get a good photo, this is very dangerous for the majestic animals as some foods can be detrimental to them. Take a stroll up this beautiful open plan park and watch the deer run wild among you, take as many pictures as you want, but please respect these wonderful animals and do not feed them. Phoenix Park is an extremely scenic. Why not watch an autumn sunrise over the city with the copper leafs glowing under the golden sun light. Or visit Dublin Zoo which is also situated in the Phoenix Park, open since 1831, Covering over 69 acres it is divided into areas named Asian Forests, Orangutan Forest, The Kaziranga Forest Trail, Fringes of the Arctic, Sea Lion Cove, African Plains, Roberts House, House of Reptiles, City Farm and South American House.

10. Eat the Irish delicacy that is a Tayto crisp sandwich

This one is simple! Tayto crisps are number one here in Ireland. The only thing that can make them any better is when you put them between two slices of buttered bread. This sounds pretty basic, we know, but only someone who hasn’t tried this spectacular sandwich would think that. While in Tayto Park, take advantage of the mountains of crisps available and make yourself a sambo, you won’t regret it!

If you want to keep experiencing around Ireland, why not take take your rental car and have a look at our other suggested driving routes. If you have any questions regarding car hire, please take a look at our car rental guide. There is so much beauty around Ireland just waiting for you to capture it on your cameras. Don't forget to send in your pictures and review of any of the trips you've taken, we love getting feedback from our customers.

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