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Ireland is blessed with a variety of museums all serving different purposes in enriching and impacting all those that visit any of these museums.

It can be a goldmine of information from the fun National Leprechaun Museum to the historic National Museum of Ireland - Natural History, there is always something for everyone to learn from.

Take your time to enjoy these hidden treasures so that by the time you leave you would feel like you know more about Ireland and you will be able to tell stories of the amazing features of the Celtic and Medieval art, such as the famous Ardagh Chalice, the Tara Brooch, and the Derrynaflan Hoard.

With documents of life in Ireland dating back to early 1150-1550 in the age of cathedrals, monasteries, and castles, you will be awestruck by the collection of prehistoric gold artifacts found in Ireland. By going through prehistoric Ireland, experience life at the same time of the Vikings in Viking Age Ireland.

Visiting any of the museums, you get to see a wide range of objects, pictures, paintings and documents relating to Ireland’s colorful heritage. There are museums dedicated to the early maritime days with that explores the glorious age of tall steam ships. You will be able to see ship models, instruments, engines and all the paraphernalia required to cross the seas. These museums’ aim is to ensure the preservation of everything Irish and you will not be disappointed in how well kept these artifacts has been kept. Many artists have captured the moods and views and they have exhibitions in many of the museums showcasing how they see Ireland and it would be a wonderful experience to see these as well.

Another museum that would be of great interest would be the Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin it still remains the biggest unoccupied gaol in Ireland. Due to this, it gives the visitor a realistic insight into what is was like to have been confined in one of correction facilities between 1796 when it opened and 1924 when it closed. It offers an insight into some of the most profound, disturbing and inspirational themes of modern Irish history.

Take it from us every museum has something to offer and they will leave you with a longing memory of Ireland. If you are in Dublin, you need to visit at least two of the museums.

Gaze in wonder at the finest collection of prehistoric gold artifacts in Europe, which is to be found in Or, Ireland’s Gold. There are also audio guides available if you wish to wander around by yourself. Ramble through prehistoric Ireland and experience life at the same time of the Vikings in Viking Age Ireland.

Below is a list of the top museums that you need to visit while in Ireland:

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