Renting a Car in Ireland in 2021

Rent a car in Ireland 2018

Car Rental Ireland's Car Rental Guide 2021 - Age Restrictions

People that have a good experience with hiring a car do one thing very well:

They understand the rental process.

Car Hire: As Ireland continues to a popular destination and best in travel for 2018, car rental becomes more and more preferred choice for visitors to drive around Ireland. Understanding the car hire industry is important for your wallet.

This guide to renting a car in Ireland for 2021 has all the information you need about the options and insurance that will make your rental experience seamless.

Getting started - Understanding car rental process

The key points to remember when picking a car hire agency are if it is cheap, is it a reputable brand and does it have a location where you need it.

Car Rental: Vehicle Guide - Choosing the right car

Choosing the right car

Rental Car: Your vehicle should not be an afterthought:

It is very tempting to book the cheapest car on offer, however, this isn’t always the best option. The selection of cars and models on offer by the various car rental companies in Ireland are very similar. Read through the below car hire guides for advice on the vehicle to choose.

Another key consideration is the number of people and the amount of luggage your car will have. Being realistic four people and luggage needs a bigger car than four people with no luggage.

Rent a Car: Rental liability coverage - The right cover is so important

When you rent a car with Car Rental, the prices include basic cover called Collision Damage Waiver. This means, the car has insurance should it be damaged, but you will need to leave a deposit for the duration of the rental.

What are the additional products / services?

Additional products

All car hire agencies will offer customers a range of additional products and services at the time of collection. These range from a GPS to additional drivers, and a wide range of products in between.