Long Term Car Rental Ireland

Audi A4 luxury vehicle

Car Rental Ireland: About Us

Car Rental Ireland offers long term car rental Ireland service at all our rental locations, these locations includes Dublin Airport and Dublin City. Long term rentals offer flexibility and cost effective opposed to buying a car.

Car Hire: Long Term Car leasing:

Depending on the length of days you are planning to hire a vehicle, we are able to rent out our vehicles for 35 days before it is classified as "Long Term Car Hire".

If you are looking to lease a car for more than a month, please make a quote above and it will bring you to a enquiry form which will go to long term car hire Ireland department. The concept is simple, you can access the car you require for as long as you want. Our long-term fleet rental offers a customised and efficient alternative to leasing. There are no commitments to long term leasing contracts and notice period when you are renting a car with Car Rental Ireland long term leasing fleet.

If you are a business looking to lease long term, please contact our sister company, Europcar Business Fleet Services who offers flexible alternative to traditional rental for Businesses.

Rental Locations

Rental Fleet

Car Rental Ireland has one of the largest fleet with over 5000 vehicles ranging from small cars to luxury vehicles to suit your long term car rental needs. See the full list of rental vehicles available for hire.

Luxury car hire

Luxury vehicles may be preferred for Business needs. Luxury car rental Dublin is available from the airport or Dublin City. Other locations like Cork Airport are also available.

If you would like to rent luxury cars like a BMW or an Audi, Car Rental Ireland offers these at the cheapest rates, see our current offers.