Water Sports

Family Surfing in Ireland

It’s no surprise with over 5,600 kilometres of beautiful, rugged and unspoilt coastline surrounding Ireland, with its temperate climate, and hundreds of lakes, rivers and waterways, Ireland is counted among Europe’s premier water sports destinations. It takes no time at all, no matter what your preference, to find the perfect place to indulge your sport and the perfect people to help you.


With huge waves, picking up speed as they race across the Atlantic and crash relentlessly against the south and west Irish coast of Ireland, they produce some of the world’s best surf. With a large variation in the direction of the breaks, you can find offshore surf in each and every wind direction. Spring and summer are the best times of year to surf in Ireland, with August and September water temperatures averaging around 16°C. The coldest time of year in January and February this, by contrast, drops to around 8°C. This is when the extreme surfers take to the sea to show their adventurous side. A 5mm wetsuit, boots and gloves are recommended for the October to April months, while a 3mm wetsuit should be fine for the rest of the year. Surfing lessons for beginners, coaching for improvers, board and wetsuit rental are available at almost all surf clubs across the land, and some of the top surfing spots in Ireland are:

It does not matter if you have never surfed before, you will forever enjoy the experience of surfing in one of the best surf spots in the world.


Ireland has a long tradition of sailing going back beyond the Viking invasions. There are excellent ISA and RYA approved sailing schools for everyone, from beginners to advanced levels, and many professional companies that organise charters, as well as well-equipped marinas for those who can bring their own boats. Among the best places to sail in Ireland are:

Canoeing, kayaking & rowing

kayaking in Ireland

Canoeing is lucky enough to be considered a year-round activity. Regardless of the weather, people indulge their passion and the differing seasons merely offer a greater variety of conditions. Among the choices in Ireland are white-water racing, Stand UP paddle boarding, leisurely canoe tours, sea kayaking, rowing challenges and canoe trails. If you’re up for the challenge, some of the best options include:

The enjoyable thing about these activities is that even if you are a beginner, you will still enjoy yourself to the maximum. All these locations are in Ireland and with the right car you will not only be able to enjoy the scenery, you will also be taking part in the best outdoor activities in the country.


With the aforementioned 5,600km of coastline and a season that runs from March through to October, there’s no reason not to dive in Ireland. Visibility is usually more than 12 metres, allowing you to discover and explore the amazing world of undersea life found around the Emerald Isle. And, with hundreds of wrecks to explore off the coast, there’s plenty to keep even the most seasoned divers interested. Listed as some of the best Irish dive sites are:


Windsurfing in Ireland

Even serious windsurfers regard Ireland as one of the best locations in the world to enjoy their sport. Most centres up and down the country will provide wetsuits, buoyancy aids and the latest equipment to meet your needs and skill level. The most recommended windsurfing locations include:

This is one of the watersport in Ireland that you need to participate in, it is suitable for all age groups.

One of the factors to consider before surfing will be the rental price of the equipment, most of rental and instructor school in the surfing counties in Ireland have very good for rentals, you could be getting a first class service with very good experience to pass on their training to any newcomers.