Lakelands in Ireland 2018

Top 8 Spectacular Lakeland destinations in Ireland 2018

Lake Galway

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There’s more to water-based breaks than the sea. Ireland's lakes are wild and wonderful playgrounds and are often under rated. Most are nestled between green valleys and blue skies. The ideal scenic break.

Plan a detour off those motorways, when traveling to the Wild Atlantic Way, The Ring of Kerry or Irelands Ancient East find a slot in a day, a few hours or a weekend based around a lake. This is a nice change from town breaks in Dublin City, Kerry City, Shannon, Wexford and Galway City breaks, wjy noto treat yourself to something different. Why not, head to one of these stunning Lakelands and pick your way through its pub lunches, water-based adventures and surprising shoreline walks.

When the weather is bad we would suggest taking a look at our Indoor Actitives , Spa Getaways , Museums and Galleries or any of our Driving Routes to keep dry and warm away from the widy Irish weather.

Narrowing down all the breaktaken lakes in Ireland to one short list was an very hard task, but we did it, Car Rental Ireland has created a list of what we think is the top 8 lake destinations in Ireland.

Viking tours on Lough Ree, Co Westmeath

To indulge your inner Viking, head out on Lough Ree in the Midlands on a 21m wooden replica of a Viking knarr. Built in 1923, this national historic ship is semi-open, so you can enjoy the breeze as you set out from Athlone, pass beneath the iconic railway bridge and venture past the reedy Callows out onto the lake. Stories? Ideally just a short drive from Dublin city.

Cruise the Shannon

A wonderful way to fit a couple of lakes into one trip is through the Shannon Cruise. It's long been a popular holiday for tourists but the number of Irish holidaymakers cruising the Shannon has been increasing. Starting in Carrick-on-Shannon in Co Leitrim to Lanesborough in Co Longford. Or you can leave the driving to someone else and treat yourself to a cruise on the Shannon.

Mayflies on Lough Corrib, Co Galway

Known as one of the country's premier fishing spots, this lake is great for those who want to take in the scenery with luscious greenery all around and those who want to be active. Renting fishing equipment during the summer months is also available. Right up to September, the mayfly hatches on the lake, meaning the resident trout are practically flinging themselves onto your line.

Lough Leane in Co Kerry

You'll find some of the country's best fishing around the Lakes of Killarney, particularly on the rivers leading into Lough Leane - if you like salmon and trout this is the place for you.

Lough Erne in Co Fermanagh

There's a calming beauty to Lough Erne, with its deep, still waters, golden reeds swaying at the shoreline and green, wooded islands. This is defiantly one that will calm the mind and free the soul, you’ll feel connect with all the stunning scenery and will leave feeling refreshed and revived. Take a boat this exquisite lake and explore the ruins and the 12th-century round tower before finishing with a walk around Enniskillen.

Lough Derg Co Clare

This beautiful lake spans across three counties Galway, Clare and Tipperary. There are any number of sports you can do on this pleasure but its best explored on a sailboat. If you'd prefer to leave the sailing to someone else, take a boat trip to Holy Island - and watch out for its resident white-tailed sea eagles.

Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland

This impressive lake is the largest in Northern Ireland. Lough Neagh links all of the Northern counties bar Fermanagh. It's also something of a paradise for birders. Head to Oxford Island in Craigavon and you'll find five birdwatching hides dotted around the lake, which you can disappear into to await the sound of birdsong. This area is also well recognised as a Game of Thrones theory so you may spot a dragon or two if you keep your eyes peeled - if you're a fan, factor in a tour of the Seven Kingdoms.

Lough Allen, Co Leitrim

This is a true escape from the modern world. In a hidden cove of green lakes, lakes and woodlands Lough Allen is one of the best places to go if you want to connect with the wilderness. The folks at Lough Allen Adventure in Ballinaglera lead Wilderness Therapy and Survival Skills courses, during which you'll head out onto an island, learn how to light fires with flint, forage for your dinner and build a shelter.

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