Dublin Airport Security Guide

Dublin Airport Apron

Safety and Security procedure in Dublin Airport is exceptional, and it is the same for all airports across Ireland.

To make your journey as smooth as possible, to avoid unnecessary delays, please pay attention to the security procedures at the airport. All luggages and baggage are checked by detection equipment and there could also be a possibility of a hand search if required. This ensures that passengers are not carrying any potentially dangerous substances or items that could pose a risk to other passengers and crew or to the security and safety of the aircraft.

Baggage Security

All passengers are to check with their carrying airline to ensure that they abide by their baggage policy. And it is recommended that you keep only valuable and items with you when going through baggage security

For the security of traveling passengers, all hand baggage may be subjected to x-ray screening. Ensure you note the following:

Restricted Items

For security in the airport and airplanes, there are specific items that are not allowed especially in hand baggage as there are considered to be potentially dangerous to carry on the plane.

Restricted Items

General Security Advice:

In order to reduce queues at security control you are required to ensure that you do not pack any prohibited items from the above list in your hand luggage. Ensure you allow enough time to check-in and go through the security screening process. By planning your journey in advance, you will arrive in the terminal building on-time and give yourself at least 90 minutes before your flight departs.

Fast Track

Fast track service is available at the airport but it has to be booked in advance, it is generally subjected to the day and time of travel. With the fast track service, you get to save time as you ease through security checks. The fast track service is available at both Terminal 1 & 2.

Departing from Dublin Airport it is essential to bear this in mind when you are flying:

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