Fuel saving tips in Ireland

Gasoline in America and Europe cost different amount and it is important to know that it is very much cheaper in the US compared to the EU. Ireland is no different as you will be driving for most of the time it is vital that you know how to be more efficciennt with the use of petrol as it is called in Ireland.

1. Choose the right rental car

When you book your car rental, reserve the most economical car available that suits your needs. Smaller cars are more fuel-efficient but if that does not uite your requirement, you could be end up paying more than usual for both petrol and rental.

Car model ranges from ecomony, to intermediate to SUV. It is easy and comfortable to drive on the narrow roads and it also delivers good fuel economy. Its fuel efficiency is around 6l/100km. While an intermediate size rental car could consume 9l/100km. An SUV’s fuel efficiency is over 10l/100km.

2. Rent a car with a manual transmission

Rent the transmission you are used to driving. Though, manual transmission are more fuel efficient and have more power than vehicles with an automatic transmission if you are used to an automatic, the chances are you know how to manage them well than a manual which would require a bit of getting used to and costing you more in the process. Though renting a car with manual transmission would help you to save money on fuel you need to think of familiarity in this case.

3. Plan ahead

You are on holiday and which generally gives you room for freedom to explore where ever you want. Our recommendation is to budget how much you are willing to pay for a fill up on a daily basis and use that to plan your travel while you are at home and plan your route too. There are planner that would tell you how much it should cost you to travel from one point to another and you can you that to guage you overall spend on petrol. A very good website that offers this service is the AA website.

4. Air conditioning or no air conditioning

It is the summer and sometimes we forget that we can switch off the airconditioning and wind down the windows to enjoy the cool summer breeze while we drive. Diring the Irish summers, the weather is not as hot so you could enjoy the summer breeze and also use this opportunity to save cost on petrol as well. Bear in mind that the average annual temperature is about 9°C, so air conditioning is not a must especially in the summer months.

5. Turn your rental car off

Lets face it you will be stopping rather frequently to enjoy the scenery switch off your engines whenever you see that you will be stopping at a place for longer than required, this would go a long way to save you on the amount of petrol been used up.

6. Look out for deals

Just like everything there are websites that let you know where the cheapest pterol is in town and you can also use that as a guide on how you fill up your tank. So if you happen to be driving past one of the lower priced petrol station it is recommend that you fill up your tank so that it help you to save more on your route. Pumps.ie provides you with such information.

These tips above will definitely help you to reduce the amount of petrol that is been wasted and save you more than you expect when you do your final calculations.

7. Fill your tank early

Petrol Guage

So your tank is on reserve and you start looking for the closest petrol station around and you are unable to locate any on time. This happens and it is recommended that you try to fill your tank as soon as you fell you have to. Running out of petrol in an undesired location might be the least of your concerns as you would that when the reserve pertrol is used up the car might get dirt sucked in and you could end up incurring more cost than ecpected or anticipated.

These tips above will definitely help you to reduce the amount of petrol that is been wasted and save you more than you expect when you do your final calculations.

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