Renting a Car in Ireland

Car Rental Tips

This guide provides advice on car rental tips and tricks for renting a car in Ireland. There are ways to save money on car rentals, read on for money-saving tips.

Tips for saving money when you rent a car

1. Shop around to compare car rental rates and look on discount coupon sites for car rental coupon codes.
For example, 5% discount car rental Ireland can be found on here.

2. Signing up to car rental newsletters can often send offers straight into your inbox, saving you a few bob.

3. It may be cheaper to reserve a rental car in advance, especially during the high seasons as the rates are often cheaper outside busy periods and reduce the risk of running out of cars to hire.

You should check the requirements

4. Choose the right vehicle, think about size and space. Read more on vehicle types.

5. Check with the agents for charges on one-way rentals / across the border. Some companies charge for this and some don’t.

6. Check rates across different branches nearby.

Do you need the car straight away? Perhaps you can get the bus into the city and spend a few days before picking up a Dublin city car hire for your long distance trip.

7. Read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly, every car rental company’s policy is different. Understanding the requirements and ensure you have all the required parts before arrivals will save you a headache.

8. Return the car with the full tank unless you have opted for pre-paid option.

9. Don’t want to pay for the extras, consider bringing your own baby seats or sat nav.

10. Transmission – do you really need the automatic car? It might be cheaper to go with a manual if you’re confident driving a manual car.

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