Renting a Car in Ireland 2017

All car rental companies in Ireland hiring process is about meeting their requirement for insurance policies and the common mistakes experienced by customers. This guide gives clarity on what you should know about renting a car in Ireland.

Hire a Car in Ireland: Age restrictions –

There is an minimum age requirements and policy on hiring a car in the Republic of Ireland; this varies on vehicle choice also. Depending on the Car Rental Ireland companies’ policies, there are different requirements to comply to. You should check the car hire age policy here.

and directly with rental car agencies in Ireland.

Car Rental Ireland: Owning a credit card -

The main drivers will need to have a credit card in their names to pay for the rental charges and deposit. Furthermore, you cannot prepay car rental for another person. Check these requirements when you book and car rental payment methods.

You also need to ensure you have enough credit limit on the credit card to allow the rental company to hold an excess for the duration of the vehicle.

Rent a Car Ireland: Insurance cover -

The majority of car rental companies in Ireland will have the basic cover included in the rental rates, the basic cover is called Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). There are options depending on where you are from and your preferences, understanding having the right cover is important.

Best Car Rental Ireland: Taking the car to Northern Ireland –

As Northern Ireland is a separate country to the Republic of Ireland which means the rules of the road and insurance policies are different. You should check with the car rental companies whether they will need to be informed if you are planning to visit Northern Ireland and may have rental charges for taking across the border.

Best Car Hire Ireland: Re-fueling –

There gas options for your vehicle, you can choose to take the vehicle with a full tank with the requirement of returning fully. You need to ensure this is a full tank otherwise you may be charged for gas and potentially more than local gas rates.

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