Dublin Airport Guide

Dublin Airport Ryanair

Dublin Airport is located to the North of Dublin City Centre, and is the largest Airport in Ireland, with Shannon Airport and Cork Airport next largest. During 2016, the Airport carried over 27million passengers. This was a new record, with 8% growth over the 2015 passenger figures. Since 2011, passenger numbers at the airport have grown by 34%.

Dublin Airport operates short haul flights to an extensive list of European destinations. There are flights between Dublin Airport and 18 destinations in the United Kingdom. In terms of medium haul routes are offered to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Sharm El Sheikh, Addis Ababa and the holiday destinations of Lanzarote, Tenerife and the Canneries. Long Haul routes operate to North America with Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Delta and United offering a wide range of destinations.

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Airport Location

The airport is located close to Dublin City and also along the motorway network in Dublin. Both the M50 and M1 motorways are adjacent to the airport, meaning the airport is easily accessible by car. Public transport in the form of buses and taxi services can be accessed outside both terminals, and offer fast access to the city.

In addition to taxi, bus services and numerous international companies offer car rental facilities from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with cars either parked in the short term car parks or in the nearby car rental compounds.

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Aer Lingus & Ryanair

Aer Lingus and Ryanair are the two principle airlines based in Dublin Airport. Ryanair operates low cost flights from Terminal 1 to destinations primarily in Europe while Aer Lingus services Europe and several locations in North America such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Hartfield and Miami.

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US Boarder Pre-Clearance

One of the great benefits of using Dublin Airport to travel to the United States is the US Boarder Pre-Clearance is completed before you depart the airport, meaning upon landing in the United States there are no more immigration controls to pass through. Dublin Airport is the only major airport in Europe to offer passengers this facility.

Dublin Airport has grown in popularity as an airport for connecting flights. This is helped by the US Boarder Pre-Clearance facility, but also the 180 direct destinations on offer. Over recent years, in particular with the construction of Terminal 2, the airport has become a very relaxing environment with a comprehensive choice of shops, bars and restaurants free charging stations and free unlimited WiFi.

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North Runway

Plans are progressing to build a second parallel runway at Dublin Airport, to provide much needed capacity and to enhance the connectivity of Dublin Airport. While the benefits of Dublin Airport being able to handle more flights is obvious, it is estimated by 2043 the new runway will have added €2.2billion to the Irish economy.